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Unlike other general translation agencies, Temple Translations is a translation agency that specialises only in the legal and financial sectors – that’s all we do!

By focussing heavily on two translation sectors we are able to ensure that our translators, project and client co-ordinators are equally specialised. As a specialist translation agency we can provide high quality translations carried out by experts whose knowledge of the field can be guaranteed.

As a leading London-based translation agency we are ideally placed to serve city based, national and European clients. Our network of translators is based throughout the world facilitating the fast turnarounds we pride ourselves on.

We are a client-focused translation agency dedicated to ensuring that our client’s receive the best possible service. Our London offices are able to offer extended operating hours thanks to our operations in New York, meaning our clients can contact us up to 11pm GMT.

As a translation agency which holds both ISO certification and IIP accreditation, we provide high quality services from expert specialists ensuring that standards are continuously monitored, maintained and improved. As a socially responsible translation agency operating in the UK we are also a council member of the ATC which seeks to improve industry standards within translation.

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