Here at Temple, we're committed to being the best. We want the best possible translation experience for you and your company.

And, with just a quick run-through of the six points below, our clients can assist us in reaching our goal: providing the best translation service around.

1. Ascertain precisely which part of your document needs translation
Paramount to making your experience with our translation service a success is identifying exactly which parts of the document needs translating. Often, due to time constraints, companies simply submit whole documents for translation. Evaluating the document prior to this, and ascertaining which parts need translating will facilitate a quicker turnaround time and lower costs.

2. Make clear any specific instructions or requirements regarding the translation
If you require the translator themselves to have expertise in a certain area, a particular background, or be located in a certain country, please let our sales team know – we're here to ensure the best possible quality for you. Similarly, if specific terminology or a certain style is needed, provision of any relevant reference material would be highly useful. Provide us with as much information as you can, and our job – maximising the quality of your translation, to the highest possible standard – will become a whole lot easier.

3. Let us know if this document falls into one larger project
If your translation is one document in a portfolio of many, it's likely you'll want to achieve consistency between each individual piece. Temple can ensure this consistency is maintained. (Want proof? Just see our client testimonials.) Give us a reference for the larger project, and providing you quote the project name when placing any work, we'll be able to formulate a specific project team for you, and make best use of any relevant glossaries.

4. Consider regional differences
Don't worry – knowing languages is our job. But as long as you provide us with full details of language combinations needed, and information regarding the location the documents will be used in, we can ensure the translation takes account of any possible regional differences. This is especially important for Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese translations, and to a lesser extent, French, German and Arabic translations.

5. Consider how your translation will be used
Here at Temple, we utilise three service levels, ensuring you'll get exactly what you need from your translation. Consideration of the context in which your translated work will be used means we can apply a particular service level.

For example, level 1 is our reference level, in which we provide an express service for accurate and fast translations. This level is designed for documents which are intended for internal information purposes only. Our second level, publication level, is used for documents which are to be published or submitted in court. These documents are carefully formatted to publication standard as well as undergoing secondary proofreading, and are intended to flow as an original piece of writing. Level 3 is our corporate identity level, with finished translations undergoing careful formatting to meet your firm's corporate identity.

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