In July of this year the PEN/Heim Translation Fund, now in its tenth year, was once engaged in collating a range of important literary works from all over the globe to an English speaking audience. In holding a competition through which the winners receive funding ($3,300) to enable them to complete their project, The Fund remains central to the promotion of international literature in the U.S and to the advocacy of equality and diversity through a mutual appreciation of literature maintained by PEN.

From a pool of 180 applicants, 13 winners stood out as the best translators;


1. Daniel Borzutzky for El País de Tablas (The Country of Planks) by Raúl Zurita.

2. Isabel Cole for her translation of At the Burning Abyss by Franz Fühmann.

3. Sean Cotter for his translation of  Rakes of the Old Court by Mateiu Caragiale.

4. Chloe Garcia Roberts for her translation of Escalating Derangements of My Contemporaries by Li Shangyin.

5. Edward Gauvin for the translation of The Conductor and Other Tales by Jean Ferry.

6. Eleanor Goodman for translating Something Crosses My Mind, selected poems of Wang Xiaoni.

7. Marilyn Hacker for her translation of The Bridges of Budapest by Jean-Paul de Dadelsen.

8. Elizabeth Harris for the translation of Tristano Dies by Antonio Tabucchi.

9. Jennifer Hayashida for the translation of the poetry collection Vitsvit by Athena Farrokhzad.

10. Eugene Ostashevsky and Daniel Mellis for their translation of Tango with Cows by Vasily Kamensky.

11. Jeremy Tiang for his translation of Nine Buildings by playwright Zou Jingzhi.

12. Annie Tucker for her translation of Beauty Is A Wound by Eka Kurniawan.

13. Lara Vergnaud’s translation of France, récit d'une enfance (France, Story of Childhood) by Zahia Rahmani.


For further information about the translations and excerpts from these texts, read the full article here.






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