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Temple Translations serves nine out of the top ten legal firms in the UK. The primary focus of our business is legal and financial, making our legal translators true specialists in the field.

Legal language is highly adapted. It has to convey precise meanings and nuances without ambiguity and few outsiders grasp its subtleties – few translators as well. When errors in translation can seriously undermine a reputation abroad, you need legal translators as specialised as you are. That’s who we are.

Our highly skilled legal translators have extensive experience, some are even former lawyers – we select only the translators who can meet our stringent quality procedures. Consequently we are able to ensure that all our legal translators are real specialists in the field and can handle the complex and varying topics which our clients encounter. Our clients benefit from our teams of legal translators placed throughout the world who we can call on to work continuously to ensure deadlines are met.

Our skilled project management team will select from our pool of legal translators those with the most relevant experience and expertise for your document, ensuring that translators always work into their mother tongue and within their specialist field.

Our legal translators deal with amongst others, contracts, agreements, court documents including claim forms and witness statements as well as corporate, shipping, IP and insurance matters.

For further information on how we select our legal translators or on how we can assist you with your language requirements please contact us.

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