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The world's leading law firms use Temple because we're the only international translation company to specialize solely in legal and financial documents. If you're looking for legal translation in New York, then Temple is the translation company that can meet that need.

Temple Translations provides legal translation in New York and London. Our combination of global resources and local legal knowledge is already used by seven out of the world's top ten law firms. Temple is without doubt a leading specialist in legal translation in New York.

Our expert translators are on hand to assist with legal translation in New York, from 9am to 6pm, Monday through Friday. Our translation teams are based throughout the USA and around the world affording us opportunities to leverage time zones and cut deadlines.

Temple Translations' two main areas of expertise are financial translations and legal translation in New York. Additionally, we are also able to provide interpreting, transcription, notarization and legalization in New York.

We understand the turnaround pressures on clients and have practical ways to meet demand without lowering standards. Our production teams are highly experienced in meeting the time-critical needs of clients requiring legal translation in New York.

We regularly translate contracts, agreements, opinions, pleadings, discovery documents, judgments and decrees. Businesses and law firms requiring legal translation in New York can rest assured that Temple has the requisite experience to meet the need, on time every time.

Temple Translations also offer financial translation services. Many businesses that need legal translation in New York also require financial translation services, especially when working on M&A and due diligence.

Clients in need of legal translation in New York and can rely on Temple to make sure that their words carry the same force in law wherever they go. Contact us today for further information.

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