Bridging the Atlantic.

St-Brides-Vicarage-1885 Temple has offices in both the UK and the US, located in London's legal heart and New York's Madison Avenue. The London office operates extended working hours (9am-11pm), connecting to New York's working day, to provide a flexible service to our clients.


UK Office

Translation House
2 Bridewell Place


US Office

19 West 44th Street
Suite 1417
New York
NY 10036


This picture is of St Brides Vicarage (now Translation House) and was taken on 6th August 1885. It has been reproduced with the permission of English Heritage.

The following quote has been taken from the book The Old Rectory - The Story of the English Parsonage by Anthony Jennings

main quote topThe former St Bride’s vicarage is in Bridewell Place, Fleet Street; elegantly sophisticated, by Basil Champneys in eclectic Queen Anne revival style, it stares boldly down to Tudor Street. Of five symmetrical bays of dark red brick, with finely cut brick architraving round the door, triangular and segmental pediments on the row of five dormers, it is both imposing and graceful.main quote bottom


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